Chrome-plated Hydraulic and Air Cylinder Shafts

Due to wear or corrosion, hydraulic and air cylinder shafts on your production equipment need to be replaced. Norfolk Specialties stocks the correct material for your particular application.

Precision Shaft Machining

We Are Your Shaft Specialists - Send your prints or inquiries today!

Replacement Shafts for...

  • Critical Production Equipment
  • Discontinued Equipment
  • Custom Applications

Save Money and Time...

  • Precision to your specifications
  • No minimums - No set-up charges
  • Rapid production
  • Many materials stocked, including:
    • 1018
    • 4140
    • 4340
    • 303 Stainless Steel
    • C12L14
    • 6061 Aluminum
    • C1214
    • 1144 Stress Relieved

Uneven Leg Static Wire Staple

  • Sold in 2lbs boxes (over 5000 per box)
  • For larger quantities please contact us.
  • Stainless Steel Wire Staples
  • $50 per pound

Contact Us

We would be pleased to bid on any job you are sending out for metal work. Call (402) 371-0714 for a no obligation telephone consultation.

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